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blog relaunch with some train conductor vibes going on

It's 2017.  2017...  meaning only 5 years to get my act straight, because everyone says your thirties is when your excuses run their course, your skin starts losing its elasticity, you develop cellulite etc., etc., yada, yada, yada... but somehow you must also have your shit together.  Personally, 2016 was about self-introspection.  Kylie Jenner apparently had a point when she said this past year was about "realizing things."  Not just about my career path but this was the first year where my eyes were truly open to the events of the world--its atrocities, hidden nuances, and its inexplicable moments.  Ironically enough, although my entire undergraduate studies consisted of political science and sociology, I am only now confident in where I stand politically, religiously, and spiritually.  I have learned to embrace my musical background (12 years of piano and music theory pushed on me by my mom) and hope to incorporate it into this blog, along with my general thoughts about current events, and the occasional politics; what my thoughts are on aspects of life that I personally find intriguing.  I mean let's be real, people read fashion blogs for the photographs, so I could probably just get away with saying anything.

I know this is Blogger, not a Xanga (lmao), so let's keep this to the point.  The reason I wanted to re-launch my blog was once again due to my innate drive for fashion and all things sartorial.  I've been desperately trying to douse that fire; at least in the hopes that the need for budgeting would outweigh this [seemingly] inefficient hobby.  My 9-5 was so draining and uninspiring that I found myself desperately searching for a creative outlet.

My style has really evolved; I look back on previous blog posts and cringe.  Apparently I deliberately chose to wear peplum and I guess I thought caped jackets were cute (...are they cute?).  My current style incorporates more basics (not to be confused with basic); more blacks and nudes; I choose clothing less haphazardly as I focus on the design or structure of the piece as opposed to loud patterns or eye-catching colors.  Ultimately, my style has become more understated.  My goal is to be on trend, not overly trendy and still very quintessentially me.

So now that I have rambled on for a few paragraphs too long, I hope you continue to follow along with me!  I will be writing about fashion obviously along with my interests in music, home decor, and current events as I hope to make this blog a little bit more personal.

With love,

P.S. Before you lament this hat's impracticality, this train conductor/baker boy/newsboy hat situation is about to be everywhere.  Just you wait... you're gonna want one to save for later.

ASOS Baker's Boy Hat (sold out) | ASOS Jacket | Topshop Skirt | Steve Madden Booties | ZARA Bag  (sold out)

In Park
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