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mint green coat and my love for music

All my life, I've lived and breathed music.  I started learning the basics of piano and music theory, even before I could form full sentences in Korean (my first language).  I was forced (my Korean piano teacher would pull my baby hairs taut whenever I messed up my finger sequences) to sit in front of a piano and understand the complexities of what was put in front of me.  It was imperative that I siphon through endless chords and keys and try to find the practicality and beauty in this discipline.  Sadly, I saw only practicality, but never beauty.  I banged on the keys for 12 years until I had enough.  I was done.  I couldn't sacrifice any more of my baby hairs!!!!!!

My affinity for music still remained as I dabbled in school choir.  Still, the passion never emerged and that chapter in my life felt closed.  It remained sealed until I met my current boyfriend, David.  Amongst other things, he made me realize that it should never have been associated with so many negative aspects of my life.  It wasn't that I couldn't see, but I had chosen to close my eyes to the beauty of it.   He allowed me to embrace my upbringing in music, rather than reject it.

I hope to incorporate music into my blog in the future.  To this day, in its purest form, it remains one of the few things that has been untouched by greed and conflict.  Sure it can divide some people, but it is the one thing that allows people of all races, beliefs, and political parties (lol) to come together.  Listening to a good song instantly brightens my mood and gives me hope.  That and animal videos.

Oh yea... I forgot that I should probably talk about my outfit, although it's pretty self-explanatory.  Absolutely adore this Lavish Alice jacket; it just makes me feel some type of way.  One can't deny its luxuriousness and versatility.  You need this in your closet.  You're welcome.

I am wearing: Lavish Alice jacket | David Lerner Pants via Shopbop | ASOS shoes (sold out)

In Park
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