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scientists have discovered the fountain of youth (in mice)

Leave it to mankind to relentlessly search for a way to live forever.  I was absolutely floored when I heard the news.  After watching a Young Turks video on this a couple nights ago, my boyfriend and I turned to each other with the same open-mouthed expression, completely speechless.

According to this Harvard study, scientists have found a way to reverse aging in mice.  NAD+, a compound with anti-aging properties, is found at higher levels in younger mice than older mice.  Scientists discovered that increasing NAD+ levels (by consumption) allowed them to see "obvious age reversal in muscle and improvements in DNA repair."  Basically, they could not tell the difference in tissue composition of a mouse that was, for example, a few months old versus a mouse that was a few years old.  Scientists hope to utilize this research to target cancer.

How absolutely insane!  I cannot believe that this isn't plastered on every newspaper, magazine, online outlet etc etc.  Let's say these researchers are fully able to harness this key to immortality.  The pharmaceutical industry will get involved so fast it would make our heads spin.  This would prolongate the controversial question of whether healthcare is a right or a privilege.  Not to mention, the only people who would be able to access this future drug would be the mega-wealthy and ultra-connected.  Cue zombies and the Walking Dead.  Mind blown.

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In Park
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