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tan two-piece and the stigma surrounding mental health

Most of you have seen the headlines plastered all over the media about Trumpcare.  After reading and watching articles and videos regarding this new bill, I felt disillusioned and disappointed.  Specifically, I felt inclined to write this post after reading this article about Trumpcare weakening mental health protections, as it hit too close to home.

First of all, it is important to note that many people lack the ability to empathize with other individuals when they themselves are not going through the said trauma or ordeal.  I also find myself falling into this category, although everyone, no matter how perfect their lives may seem, has a story or hardship that they experienced or are experiencing.  That is something that should never be dismissed.

Back to Trumpcare.  The reason why it hit too close to home is because I have first hand witnessed my entire family being torn apart by mental illness and the stigma surrounding it.  Specifically, bi-polar and psychosis.  When I was younger and I observed this happening, I fell prey to its repercussions.  Someone I had admired, loved, and respected dearly seemed to volte-face into someone I feared and resented.  The bi-polar was easier to handle for me, as I braced myself for the drastic mood swings.  However, the psychosis was another animal.  How do you tell someone who vehemently believes in their ability to discern reality from fiction, that their perceived notion of reality is false?  You are imprisoned by your own mind, as no-one can understand or even see what your brain is interpreting as reality.  Blinded by personal and societal stigma surrounding mental illness, this person refused to voluntarily seek treatment, and still stubbornly refuses to this day.  

Mental health research and progress remain slow-moving.  It is slow-moving because the human brain, the fundamental organ that sets each individual apart, is the organ in question... meaning medicine and treatment that may work for one individual may not work for another or even lead to debilitating side effects.  When there is already a societal stigma in place that decelerates funding to mental health research, the dismissal of mental health protections by our own government is absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE.

If you are interested in donating to the Treatment Advocacy Center, an organization committed to making treatment possible for severe mental illness, please click HERE.  Also, this award-winning animated short film about mental illness brought me to tears... I was Kim k ugly crying by the end.

The outfit once again is pretty irrelevant to what is written above, but if it allowed you to come to this post and read it, my deed is done.  I am wearing head-to-toe Forever 21 from last fall (sold out).

In Park
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