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crazy sleeves and existential funks

Photos by Johanna Hsu

This sounds extremely cliche but before I relaunched my style blog I was in sort of an existential funk.  The 9-5 and its mundane routine consumed my life, and quite often I felt like I was wallowing in quicksand with no sense of direction or purpose.  There had to be more to your existence than working, eating, shitting, working some more, showering, sleeping, and waking up and doing it over again.  I recognize how privileged that sounds, as I am grateful to be able to have access to things like a shower and a bed, and the freedom to possess a hobby.  Nevertheless, the 9-5 coupled with lack of direction and ambition continued to eat away at my sense of fulfillment.  I obligingly partook (and still partake) because, well, money.  Because in this society, money fuels the life that you want to live.  At least that's what I believed.  But talking about money and its exigency isn't really the point of this post.  I eventually recognized the necessity of my job, but I still felt deprived of both a creative outlet and a sense of autonomy.

During my so-called funk, I picked up this book, and read it beginning to end in one night.  It allowed me to recognize the full worth of the untapped potential that exists in every human being.  It also helped me to further reinforce my belief that everyone has something to offer to this world, whether it be the talent that they're obviously born with, or something that they claim for themselves along the way.  Because to me, there's nothing more beautiful than observing a person in their element, whatever that may be.  People tell you to invest your money, as the worst thing you can do is let it sit in a savings account.  Why would you do the same with the potential things you can offer this world?

I am wearing Tony Bianco sandals (below) | ASOS shirt | Topshop Jean skirt | ZARA bag
In Park
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